TikTok Coins To USD – Gift Points To Money Calculator


With the above calculator, you can convert TikTok Coins to USD and calculate how much money you can get from gift points. The value you get from the above calculator is approx value. You can get an overview of how much USD you can get from the tiktok gift points.

What are TikTok Coins?

TikTok Coins are in-app currency that you can use in multiple ways. In the beginning, when you sign up in the app, you have 0 coins in your wallet. To acquire more coins, you need to recharge them; we will share the complete process later in this article.

With the help of TikTok coins, you can buy Gifts and send those gifts to your favorite content creators during live streaming or in the comment section. You can also use these coins to promote your own TikTok videos.

Content creators can withdraw tiktok coins or diamonds as real money to their PayPal or bank account. As a user, you give a real money tip to the content creator, and later on, the creator can withdraw it.

As a content creator, you do not get all the money your followers send as a gift in the app. A BBC investigation has found that TikTok keeps anywhere from 50% to 70% as their profile; there are no official terms from TikTok on their website. 

How To Recharge TikTok Coins?

You can use two ways to buy TikTok Coins: From the App or the Official website. Here we have shared both methods with a step-by-step process. Here one thing to consider is if you purchase coins from a mobile app, you get fewer coins than from the tiktok official website.

You get fewer coins because Google and Apple charge their fees as TikTok using their payment gateway. We recommend you recharge your tiktok coins from the official website.

Method 1: Get TikTok Coins From Official Website

Getting tiktok coins from USD with an official website is the best method. With this method, you can get the best exchange rate with no hidden or extra fees from third parties.

Follow the below step-by-step process to recharge tiktok coins from the official website:

Step 1: First, visit the official website of TikTok and log in with the account you want to recharge the coins.

Login To TikTok Account

Step 2: Next, you can click the Get Coins option, and if that option is not available, you can directly visit this link.

Click on Get Coins

Step 3: Here, you can see a few options; you can directly choose from them or click on the Custom button to manually add them.

Get TikTok Coins From USD

Step 4: Once you enter the number of coins you want to buy, click the Recharge button.

Recharge TikTok Coins

Step 5: You can make payment with your Credit/Debit Card or Paypal. On successful payment, you will get coins in your account and receive a transaction receipt in your email.

Make Payment

Buying tiktok coins from the official website can save you up to 24% because there are no channel fees to be paid.

Method 2: Get TikTok Coins on App

You can use this method if the first method is not working for you. As with this method, you need to pay extra channel fees.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open TikTok App on your Android or iOS device. Click on the Profile option.

TikTok Coins To USD

Step 2: Next, click the 3 Lines icon in the top right corner and select the Settings and Privacy option.

TikTok Gift Points To Money

Step 3: Click on the Balance option. Here you can see the number of coins in your TikTok account.

Check Balance

Step 4: Next, click the Recharge button to purchase the coins from your USD.

Recharge TikTok Coins From USD

Step 5: You can choose how many coins you want to purchase and make the payment.

Choose How Many Coins

You can directly pay from your Google Play Balance or Apple Balance. On successful payment, you will get your coins in the balance.


Check out the FAQs below to clear all your questions about converting TikTok Coins to USD.

How To Buy TikTok Coins?

You can buy tiktok coins in the app or from the official website. Check out this article for details as we share both methods with step-by-step processes.

How much are 1 million coins on tiktok?

The exchange rate of TikTok Coins to USD continuously varies, but currently, 1 million coins are around USD 18000.

How To Get Free TikTok Coins?

If you are a content creator on the TikTok app, your followers can send you gifts in your live stream and the comments. Each gift is worth a certain number of coins you can withdraw for real money.

How Much are 1000 coins on TikTok?

1000 Coins on Tiktok worth around USD 18. But you get only some of this money as TikTok keeps its share from 50 to 70%.

How much is 1 coin on TikTok?

1 Coin on Tiktok is worth around 1.4 to 1.8 Cents, depending on the exchange rate.

Note: This is not the official website of TikTok, nor is it associated with it. All information available on the website is only for educational purposes. For any issue or error, you can contact us here.